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Quantitative Research Project for Students with Little Research Experience
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Research Methods
Survey Design
Data Analysis

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Stough-Hunter, Anjel. 2019. “Quantitative Research Project for Students With Little Research Experience”. TRAILS: Teaching Resources and Innovations Library for Sociology, November. Washington DC: American Sociological Association.


There are many excellent resources on Trails that provide guidelines for a semester long research project. However, many of these resources are either geared toward senior level capstone courses, in which students are already familiar with the basics of research, are qualitative, or lack details such as how to evaluate various stages of the research...

Download this resource to see full details. Download this resource to see full details.


Subject Area(s):
Research Methods
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College 300
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Usage Notes

The purpose of this resource is to provide instructors with detailed guidelines for a series of assignments that accumulate in a semester long group survey research project. I have found that students struggle with choosing a topic. To save time, and to ensure that students are able to perform certain statistics, I give the class a dependent variable that...

Download this resource to see full details. Download this resource to see full details.

Learning Goals and Assessments

Learning Goal(s):

  1. Generate research questions and formulate hypotheses
  2. Identify the steps in developing a research study and design a research study
  3. Analyze research data using SPSS and draw conclusions from research data

Goal Assessment(s):

  1. Students will submit their research question, hypothesis and rationale.
  2. Students will submit the methods section of a research paper and then carry out the study.
  3. Students will submit the results of their data analysis and discuss these results.

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Cover Page
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