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TRAILS Featured Resources
TRAILS Featured Resources
February 23, 2023

TRAILS, the Teaching Resources and Innovation Library for Sociology, provides a way for you to easily locate peer-reviewed teaching materials, showcase your teaching ideas, develop professionally, and join a community of scholarly teachers. You will find great assignments, syllabi, lectures, and other teaching ideas at TRAILS. Please also consider submitting your great ideas for teaching. The Featured Resources include some of the newest additions to our collection.

-Stephanie Medley-Rath
TRAILS Lead Editor

Caped figures in silhouette
Zach Rubin
Stats Through Superheroes: Teaching Basic Statistical Tests Using Data From The Marvel Universe
November 10, 2021
Cover Page Requires Subscription PDF Requires Subscription JASP File
Chelsea A Platt
Conferred Dominance in the Built Environment- A Campus Accessibility Activity
September 30, 2021
Cover Page
Trenton G Ellis
Teaching Social Mobility Using a Virtual Field Experience that Combines a Podcast with Google Maps
August 13, 2021
Cover Page
Victoria Kurdyla
Using film analysis to apply and evaluate criminological theory
July 8, 2021
Cover Page
Jamie Oslawski-Lopez
Analyzing Social Stratification and Inequality in The Hunger Games (2012) Film: Presentation and Reflection Assignment
July 1, 2021
Cover Page
Tony N. Brown
July 1, 2021
Cover Page Requires Subscription PDF
Deeb Paul Kitchen
Analyzing Seinfeld using Symbolic Interactionism
July 1, 2021
Cover Page
Danielle MacCartney
Global Social Problems
June 25, 2021
Cover Page
Laura Kane, Elizabeth Pike
Exploring the Relativity of Deviance
May 19, 2021
Cover Page
Judith A Linneman
The Measurement Zone: A Lecture/Activity Exploring Validity, Precision, Reliability and Accuracy
April 19, 2021
Cover Page

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