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Identifying Manifestations of Color-Blind Racism
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color-blind racism

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Krull, Laura. 2021. “Identifying Manifestations of Color-Blind Racism”. TRAILS: Teaching Resources and Innovations Library for Sociology, September. Washington DC: American Sociological Association.


This resource details an assignment that accompanies Eduardo Bonilla-Silva’s Racism without Racists, a foundational text on race and racism used in many sociology classrooms today. This text can feel theoretical at times, so one way to further solidify students’ understanding is to challenge them to use Bonilla-Silva’s theoretical concepts to analyze...

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Subject Area(s):
Race, Class and Gender
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Class Level(s):
College 300
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Usage Notes

Working in groups, students responded to different real-world manifestations of color-blind racism in an approximately five-minute video. They had to summarize their assigned video/reading, correctly identify and describe the color-blind racism they witnessed, and then offer a sociological response grounded in class materials. Students shared their final...

Download this resource to see full details. Download this resource to see full details.

Learning Goals and Assessments

Learning Goal(s):

  1. To correctly recognize and explain manifestations of color-blind racism
  2. To use sociological concepts to challenge color-blind racism
  3. To practice building on others’ sociological insights

Goal Assessment(s):

  1. Students record a video summarizing and critiquing an everyday moment of color-blind racism
  2. Students leave comments on other videos to demonstrate their own sociological thinking

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Cover Page
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