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High School Workshop Toolkit: Introduction to Sociology Syllabus
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Peden, Maria, and Ashley Metzger. 2023. “High School Workshop Toolkit: Introduction to Sociology Syllabus”. TRAILS: Teaching Resources and Innovations Library for Sociology, November. Washington DC: American Sociological Association.


This is a sample syllabus for a high school sociology class. It contains grading requirements and procedures, a full course schedule, and project instructions.

In 2022, ASA assembled a workshop with high school sociology teachers and sociology professors to develop resources for a new “High School Sociology Toolbox.” The goal of the toolbox...

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Subject Area(s):
Introduction to Sociology/Social Problems
Resource Type(s):
Class Level(s):
High School
Class Size(s):

Learning Goals and Assessments

Learning Goal(s):

  1. Describe the work of sociologists—the concepts, theories, and methods they have developed to
    study society and the individual.
  2. Explain and apply the sociological perspective by using sociological concepts such as social
    interaction, deviance, family, sexism, racism, social class, poverty, global stratification, and
    social change.
  3. Define culture, explain its components, and discuss how culture impacts individuals, groups,
    and social structures.
  4. Discuss the social structures that form the foundation of our society and other societies and the
    social forces that influence everyday life and the lives of others.
  5. List and describe some of the major social problems in recent global history and compare and
    contrast theories of social change using examples of how individuals and groups have changed
    social structures.

Goal Assessment(s):

  1. Exams, quizzes, journals, and final project.

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