Resource Collections 

Resource Collections

Curated by the TRAILS editorial staff, Resource Collections highlight syllabi, activities and assignments around important topics in sociology.  Click the collection titles below to see a hand picked set of TRAILS resources.


Culture, Inequalities, and Social Inclusion Across the Globe

Michelle Lamont, ASA President, invites sociologists to take a critical look at the cultural processes involved in the rising inequality, poverty and insecurity in the U.S. and Europe at the upcoming 2017 Annual Meeting in Montreal. This TRAILS resource collection includes Dr. Lamont's graduate seminar syllabus and is curated to help teachers unpack this complex topic.

Online learning

Online and hybrid classes are now a mainstay in the higher education landscape.
This collection holds resources that will help instructors to create quality and creative online content. The resources in this collection are either created for or adaptable to an online learning environment.

Teaching the 2016 presidential Election

Editor Julie Pelton has penned a blog post for ASA's blog, Speak for Sociology on the role and importance of teachers and teaching after the 2016 Presidential election. In that spirit, we have created a TRAILS resource collection called, "Teaching the 2016 Presidential Election." The resources featured in this collection touch on a variety of topics related to the election and explain some of the issues being raised across the country and the world as we transition to a new administration.

Sexualities in the Social World

Sexuality, sexual orientation and sexual identity are important aspects of many peoples lives. And while they have individual and private aspects, they are also profoundly social concepts. This collection holds resource related to sex and sexualities that illustrate and teach these concepts through a sociological lens. 

High school Sociology

High School Sociology collection is a set of curated resources aligned with the new National Standards for High School Sociology.

Presidential Pedagogies

ASA Presidents are leaders in their fields of study. Through TRAILS, we can use their expertise to enhance our own teaching and learning. By clicking on the link above, you can browse a collection of published TRAILS resources by former, current and soon-to-be ASA Presidents.

Integrating Data Analysis into the Undergraduate curriculum

Incorporating data analysis into undergraduate sociology classrooms is one important way to encourage student interest in the rich potential of science at an early level and connect students to the empirical basis of the discipline.