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This paper assignment encourages students to learn more about social research methods and their applications to real research. This assignment also provides opportunities for students to think about how they can apply social research methods to study a topic of their own interest. In this assignment, students are asked to listen to a podcast about research from Give Methods a Chance ( Students will then write a paper that summarizes the methods and how the methods were used to study social phenomena. Students are also asked to apply the reviewed methods to their own interest. I have used this assignment in my Social Deviance and Social Research Methods course, but it can easily be adapted for other sociology courses.


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Riku Kawaguchi 
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Research Methods 
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Detailed usage notes are in the GMAC_Overview file. This is a paper assignment about research methods and their applications. I initially developed this assignment for a social research methods course, but I have used this in my deviance course and it can easily be adapted for other sociology courses by...

Learning Goals and Assessments:

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Goal 1:
Gain understanding of one type of social research methods
Assessment 1:
Students will listen to a podcast about real sociological research and describe the method(s) used and discuss the pros and cons of the method(s)
Goal 2:
Understand how social research method(s) can be used to analyze social issues
Assessment 2:
Students will summarize how research method(s) is used in real sociological research (from the podcast)
Goal 3:
Apply social research methods to their own interest
Assessment 3:
Students will write a short research proposal that uses social research methods to address their own research topic and question(s)

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