Subscription Information 

GREAT NEWS! ASA Council made TRAILS a member benefit.  

During the subscription process you will:

  • Be asked to read and indicate your acceptance of the TRAILS Users Agreement.  This agreement includes the requirement that when downloading a TRAILS resource, you will also download the associated Resource Citation Document.  Additionally, that when using TRAILS resources, you will clearly cite the resource, following the suggested citation from the Resource Citation Document.  
  • Select your areas of substantive interest (such as Culture, or Medical Sociology, or Crime, Law and Deviance) and your areas of teaching interest (such as Introduction to Sociology, or Service Learning/Internships, or Capstone Courses).  Once you have selected your areas of interest, your personalized My TRAILS page will display the most recently published "Featured Resources" in your areas of interest.

Not an ASA member? Subscribe to TRAILS here. 

  • Non-members can subscribe for $100.
  • Faculty in Department Affiliates can subscribe for $50.