Understanding Discrimination Through Multimedia


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“Understanding Discrimination Through Multimedia” is a short-essay activity that employs podcasts, YouTube videos, academic journal articles, and popular readings to help students understand how social structures influence discrimination within our society, and what discrimination looks, feels, and sounds like. Students are offered to choose from four types of discrimination to explore independently: racial discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, weight and size discrimination, and housing discrimination. This activity is created for use in online courses.


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Assignment, Audio, Class Activity, Essay, Video 
Ellen T. Meiser 
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Social Psychology 
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This assignment was created, used, and field tested over three semesters of an online 300-level “Survey of Social Psychology” elective course (offered through the sociology department). Students who take this course tend to be undergraduates, three-quarters of which are sociology majors. (The remaining majors include psychology, social work, and business.)...

Learning Goals and Assessments:

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Goal 1:
• Goal 1: To expose students to the many facets of discrimination that plague our society, as well as the structural and social psychological forces that contribute to them.
Assessment 1:
These goals are evaluated through a short-essay writing assignment. However, instructors can supplement this assessment by adding a virtual class discussion (via discussion board) to stimulate conversation between students about discrimination.
Goal 2:
• Goal 2: Connect information learned via multimedia sources to sociological concepts/theories learned earlier in the course to better understand the role of society in discrimination.
Goal 3:
• Goal 3: To stimulate critical thinking by drawing comparisons between discrimination generally seen across our society and that observed in the student’s local community.

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