Edited Book Project in Classical Sociological Theory


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The “edited sociological book” project was developed as part of an effort to reimagine the required classical theory course at Lehman College (CUNY) to make its instruction less top-down and more focused on the skills students need in the practice of their sociological profession. The assignment calls on students to become editors of a sociological volume on a topic of their choice (within set parameters) by finding four journal articles written from different sociological traditions* covered during the semester to constitute its chapters. Students then write the book’s “introduction” in which they discuss each “chapter’s” contribution to advancing our understanding of the topic and the field of sociology. The instructional goal of the assignment is threefold. First, it draws on the literature that takes writing as a useful tool to engage concepts and ideas in order to help students tackle complex sociological theories and readings. Second, by compelling students to identify articles written from specific traditions, it seeks to enhance their knowledge of different sociological currents and also makes searching academic databases more proactive by touching on some of the skill sets researchers develop in the practice of their profession. Finally, the project seeks to identify an audience and aims for a more professional form of writing, which makes the endeavor more clearly defined and which affords a final product that students can take ownership of when compared to standard review assignments intended solely for the instructor. Overall, the fact that it touches on several skill sets, has helped make...


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Devrim Adam Yavuz 
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College 300 
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Usage Notes: -A significant amount of class time (1-2 hours out of 4 during the second half of the semester) was devoted to finding sources and to writing some of its components (some prompts the class was given are included as an appendix). Instructors that do not have access to computer...

Learning Goals and Assessments:

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Goal 1:
Demonstrate knowledge of sociological traditions by developing the skills to find and correctly identify journal articles written from specific perspectives.
Assessment 1:
Sources are evaluated on whether they are correctly identified as being from a sociological tradition, by looking at the concepts or framework that they use.
Goal 2:
Distinguish peer reviewed sociological journal articles on a specific topic from other non-sociological or non-peer reviewed sources
Assessment 2:
Sources are evaluated on whether they are peer reviewed and well-aligned with the book topic.
Goal 3:
Use the conventions of a professional sociological writing genre to discuss the contribution that each sociological tradition can make to understanding a specific topic and to advancing the field of sociology.
Assessment 3:
Writing effectiveness is measured by looking at whether the student presents a convincing rationale for including the source as a "chapter" in an "edited book". And whether they are able to include sentences connecting sources together.

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