Making Motherhood Work Reading and Discussion Questions


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I assign Caitlyn Collins' book, Making Motherhood Work in my families course. Our families course has a global component, so this book works well comparing how women combine motherhood and work around the globe. We read the book during the section of the class discussing paid and housework over four class sessions with the last class having most of the time devoted to discussing the book in small groups. They spend about 15-25 minutes discussing in small groups and then we spend an additional 15-25 minutes discussing the book as a whole class. In order to make sure student have read and are prepared, I use reading quizzes which become the basis for their discussion questions.


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Colleen Elizabeth Wynn 
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Quizzes could be given in class either before discussing the material as a reading check quiz, or used during discussion if students are not engaged in the discussion. I used the quizzes as “reading questions” that students would answer before coming to class via our LMS. I used these reading...

Learning Goals and Assessments:

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Goal 1:
Motivate students to read the assigned material
Assessment 1:
Students will be able to recall information from the readings. Students will be able to find information in the readings.
Goal 2:
Improve in-class discussion because of increased reading compliance
Assessment 2:
Students will be better prepared to take part in class discussion.

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