Neighborhood Tour Project


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This project allows students to get out of the classroom and explore neighborhoods in the city. Designing and giving these tours also lets students learn new and interesting information about the city where they live and learn, and it allows them to find real world applications for the urban sociology concepts they’ve been learning about in the classroom. My students loved getting to walk around the city and explore new areas of town, and getting to take turns being “experts” and share these new areas with their classmates.


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Colleen Elizabeth Wynn 
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Urban Sociology 
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I provided students with a list of approximately 20 neighborhoods from which to choose so that the neighborhoods would be ones that were relatively close to campus and would be suitable for this assignment. However, I did give them the option to suggest other neighborhoods, as well if they wanted...

Learning Goals and Assessments:

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Goal 1:
Students will be able to identify neighborhood boundaries.
Assessment 1:
1. Students include a description of neighborhood boundaries and/or a map in their report and discuss who has set the boundaries and if there is any disagreement about these boundaries.
Goal 2:
Students will be able to explain the historical and contemporary development of the neighborhood.
Assessment 2:
Students provide discussion in the tour and report of any significant historical issues, how the neighborhood developed, and highlight any significant historical places on their tour. Students also review the current issues the neighborhood is facing.
Goal 3:
Student will be able to apply urban sociology theories and concepts to this neighborhood.
Assessment 3:
4. Students will use course materials to help them analyze the historical development and current issues. They should provide a discussion of these concepts/and theories where appropriate in their report. These connections may also be made on the tour.

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