Climate Justice / Climate Strikes Teaching Module


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Students around the world are leading climate strikes every Friday to call attention to and mobilize greater action to limit climate crisis and the harm it poses to all beings, especially already vulnerable, marginalized human communities. These strikes occasionally culminate in heightened weeks of action, like the September 20-27, 2019, Global Climate Strikes . Educators from around the world, including faculty at hundreds of colleges and universities, are called on to support these strikes. This lesson plan is designed to facilitate educator efforts to teach in solidarity with the climate strikes and the folks leading them, and to encourage greater action toward climate justice by both faculty and students.


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Corrie Grosse
Erica Morrell 
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Environmental Sociology 
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See Pre-Class Assignment supplemental file for readings to be assigned as pre-class homework. Use PowerPoint (download via link in PowerPoint Link supplemental file). See instructor notes with each slide for entire presentation. Begin class with an overview of climate change (slides 2-9). 5-10 minutes. Introduce Greta Thunberg and show her Ted Talk (slides...

Learning Goals and Assessments:

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Goal 1:
Understand climate crisis, analyze “climate justice”, articulate nature and history of Global Climate Strikes.
Assessment 1:
Show of hands and in-class discussion.
Goal 2:
Apply “equity” and “intersectionality” to real-world climate scenarios.
Assessment 2:
Scenario discussions and reporting.
Goal 3:
Communicate climate justice principles to public audiences.
Assessment 3:
Take Home Assignment.

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Buente 2017.pdf
Climate Strike FAQs.pdf
Heglar 2019 Climate Change Aint The First Existential Threat.pdf
Heglar 2019.pdf
Lazarovic 2019.pdf
Post-Class Assignment.pdf
PowerPoint Usage Notes.pdf
Pre-Class Assignment.pdf
Scenario 1 Hurricane Maria Case.pdf
Scenario 2 2018 California Wildfires Case.pdf
Scenario 3 Kivalina Case.pdf
Scenario 3 Reader 1 Kivalina Case.pdf
Scenario 3 Reader 2 Kivalina Case.pdf
Scenario 4 Water Protectors at Standing Rock Case.pdf
Teaching Module Climate Justice Climate Strikes.pdf
Climate Strike PowerPoint.pptx