Speed Dating for Older Adults: Dismantling Stereotypes About Age and Relationships Using "The Age of Love"


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This semester-long project offers undergraduates the opportunity to connect in an innovative way with older adults in their local community by creating a senior dating/friendship/companionship event. The project should be embedded within an upper-level age-related social science course. It requires substantial planning, at least 15 students, and (potentially) some university resources (e.g., funding for refreshments, room space). (Photo credit: Candida.Performa;; CC BY 4.0; no changes made; license link:


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Class Activity 
Dawn Norris
Steven Loring 
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Subject Area:
Aging/Social Gerontology 
Class Level:
College 300 
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Activity is intended for use in conjunction with the film "The Age of Love." About 1/4 of a full semester (engaged in during intermittent intervals of the semester) is required for this activity. Some institutional resources (such as funding, room space, and media contacts) may be helpful in completing this...

Learning Goals and Assessments:

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Goal 1:
1) think critically about the social meanings of age
Assessment 1:
Students will be assessed on learning objectives 1-4 by writing a three-page reflection paper after the event.
Goal 2:
2) apply knowledge of birth cohorts and gerontology concepts to practice; 3) differentiate between stereotypes and realities regarding older adults
Assessment 2:
Students will be assessed on learning objective 5 by completing a numerical and narrative self-evaluation and team evaluation after the event.
Goal 3:
4) identify the benefits of intergenerational contact, and manage challenges that can impede fruitful intergenerational contact; 5) demonstrate intermediate level planning, project management, and teamwork skills
Assessment 3:
Students will also be assessed on learning objective 5 by being graded on a pass/fail basis, dependent upon whether they completed their assigned event tasks in a satisfactory manner.

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