Analyzing Masculinities with Digital Media: A Podcast Assignment


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Kroeber (2005) found that using technology in the classroom can be a “significant symbol” that increases students’ perceptions of both teaching effectiveness and the value of the course. For this assignment, students gain hands-on experience with digital media technology by creating a podcast. The assignment also requires that students link sociological theories to their explorations of masculinities and fosters critical thinking about gender and social change. The first part of the assignment requires student to create an outline for their podcast assignment. Then, students create their own podcast, guided by our on-campus Digital Media Suite, on-line resources, and a rubric that helps students link class material to their podcast topics. The goals of this assignment are: to foster active learning with digital media, to apply theory to lived expressions or experiences of masculinities, and to hone students’ critical thinking skills about gender and social change. This assignment aims to engage and train digital learners on topics of gender.


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Karen Christopher 
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Sex and Gender 
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College 300 
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Learning Goals and Assessments:

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Goal 1:
Goal 1: Have students engage in active learning with digital media by creating a podcast.
Assessment 1:
Assessment 1: Completion of outline for podcast, and class discussion of outlines. As each group/individual presents their podcast to the class, the class listens and ranks the top three podcasts.
Goal 2:
Goal 2: To apply theories on masculinities/gender discussed in class to lived experiences or expressions of masculinities.
Assessment 2:
Assessment 2: Class peers and the professor evaluate the podcasts based on a rubric that assesses students’ success in explaining class theories and applying them to their podcast topic.
Goal 3:
Goal 3: To think critically about masculinities/gender and social change.
Assessment 3:
Assessment 3: Class peers and the professor evaluate the podcasts based on a rubric that assesses students’ ability to discuss social change in relation to their podcast topic.

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