Social Movement and Institution Interactions


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Social movement actors interact with various types of institutions as they seek to leverage challenges. Commonly, these include federal and local governments, corporations, and the media. In this simulation, students act as either social movement actors or institutional representatives. Using the guidance provided on a role sheet, students acting on behalf of their assigned movement attempt to negotiate with various institutions to make gains. In speed-dating style interactions, students are given 3 minutes to make a case to an institution before rotating and doing so with each of the institutional representatives. Following these initial interactions, students are asked to form movement-institution pairs and develop more comprehensive formally negotiated agreements to present to the remainder of the class. This activity allows students to build connections between theories on how movements challenge, utilize, and engage with institutions and practice. In addition, students develop persuasive skills and gain exposure to various viewpoints.


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Class Activity 
Sarah Gaby 
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Collective Behavior/Social Movements 
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You can reproduce this with as many small groups as you need. I often do 3 or 4 at the same time. I have students sit across from each other along a table. I set an alarm that rings out loud to indicate that it is time to rotate and...

Learning Goals and Assessments:

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Goal 1:
1) Have students apply theoretical ideas about the way movements challenge, utilize, and engage with institutions like the media, the state, and corporations.2) Expose students to different viewpoints with an immersive approach.
Assessment 1:
1) Observation of student use of theoretical concepts during the simulation and in post-processing discussion. 2) Answers to questions after the activity regarding the challenges to gaining advantages in the negotiations.

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