Sex-Ed Story-Time: Understanding and Applying the Social Construction of Sexuality


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One of the most difficult tasks for most undergraduates is to apply the knowledge they have gained throughout the course in a way that is meaningful. This project attempts to solve the discontent between theory, content, and application. This project asks students to create a children’s book that succinctly explains some element of sexuality to a specific age group. They are then expected to justify their work in a short paper that is designed to not only have the student reflect on their work but also understand how theory/concepts have been applied to their books. The ability for students to reflect on their application of complex material allows them to truly understand crucial elements that are so often tied to Student Learning Objectives for a course. As the project culminates in an oral presentation—a reading of their book—they also develop presentation skills necessary for undergraduate symposiums.


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Sandra Marie Loughrin 
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College 300 
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Download Assignment for full details. Although this assignment reflects a recent course taught for the Sociology of Sexualities, variations of the book project have also been used in Sociology of Gender courses, Sociological Theory courses, and Family Violence courses. Additionally, while this project is typically assigned to each individual student in...

Learning Goals and Assessments:

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Goal 1:
SLO 1: Apply theoretical concepts to everyday situationsSLO 2: Understand the ways sexuality is socially constructed in our society.
Assessment 1:
Short Paper…………………… 10 pts.Book Content…………………. 5 pts.Organization of Book………… 5 pts. Presentation………………...... 5 pts.
Goal 2:
SLO 3: Understand the interaction between individual learning and understanding and institutional/structural influences.SL0 4: Communicate complex ideas in a creative and simplistic manner.
Assessment 2:
Point value is based on four score levels of assessment, (1) Advanced, (2) Proficient, (3) Developing, and (4) Beginning.
Assessment 3:
See Rubric for full assessment criteria

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