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This paper has been used in a Social Psychology course during the period of discussion on presentation of self and impression management. Using the free online program Photofeeler (, students are able to post profile pictures of themselves for evaluation by others as well as participate in providing feedback to other program users on their profile pictures. Students post and evaluate in two different categories: Business and Dating. This exercise and subsequent analytic paper allow students to see and consider several aspects of Goffman’s theory on presentation of self (setting, costume, props, manner, impression management) as they actively work to construct a self for others for distinct purposes and get feedback on their level of success. Having the opportunity to provide feedback to others not only helps students articulate how the presentation of self is accomplished, but it also allows them to reflect back on their own constructed images and efforts at impression management, thus also considering concepts of role taking and the looking-glass self.


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Erin K Anderson, Washington College

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Social Psychology 
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This paper was created for a 200-level social psychology course entitled Self and Society, although it could be adapted for a variety of courses in which students are learning about the presentation of self, impression management, role taking, or the looking-glass self. After class sessions and reading assignments focusing...

Learning Goals and Assessments:

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Goal 1:
Demonstrate an understanding of concepts related to the presentation of self and impression management.
Assessment 1:
Students apply these concepts in a paper which includes discussion of their own efforts at impression management based on the creation of images of themselves evaluated by anonymous others. Students also write about the influence of structure and roles in
Goal 2:
Understand how role taking and the looking-glass self influence the behaviors and feelings of individuals as they interact, or prepare to interact, with others.
Assessment 2:
Students consider the structure of the Photofeeler program, utilize personal notes taken during evaluations, and use feedback from others to write a paper reflecting on how they have evaluated others, how the social setting and structure impact this evalu

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