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This resource is a visual chart that illustrates the various holdings that Facebook has in different companies using each company's respective logo. By visualizing Facebook's corporate holdings, instructors are able to demonstrate how Facebook is becoming a social media conglomerate similar to Disney and other mega-media companies. Additionally, each column is labeled, giving instructors the ability to pinpoint instances of horizontal and vertical integration. Presented as a "think-pair-share" activity, instructors are able to facilitate class discussions on corporate strategies such as mergers, acquisitions, and synergy. There are also some suggested readings for beginning instructors who may want to assign additional readings prior to the lecture and class discussion.


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Class Activity 
Kenneth Richard Hanson, University of Oregon 
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Communication and Information Technologies 
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Media conglomerates expand a company’s reach through two major processes. First, through horizontal integration, a company is able to monopolize a market at one level of production and consumption. Second, through vertical integration, a company is able to monopolize a market through multiple levels of production and consumption. When teaching...

Learning Goals and Assessments:

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Goal 1:
Students will be able to articulate how a company benefits from acquiring other companies.
Assessment 1:
By comparing and contrasting the known and unknown companies Facebook has purchased, students will realize Facebook’s power as a media conglomerate to monopolize the market.
Goal 2:
Students will be able to define horizontal and vertical integration.
Assessment 2:
By individually identifying how the chart organizes Facebook’s holdings, then sharing with peers, students will understand the difference between horizontal and vertical integration

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