Examples of Capital in Social Media


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Pierre Bourdieu’s theory of reproduction involves an understanding of four types of capital: economic, cultural, social, and symbolic. This activity will promote students’ abilities to recognize these forms of capital, distinguish between them, and understand how they may influence one another in the real world. Students will be assigned into small groups, with each group focusing on a different social media platform. Once in groups, students will work together to find empirical examples of the four types of capital using their smart phones or computers. After the students have had sufficient time to record their examples, the class will be brought together to share examples. Students will be required to provide an explanation for how their example fits into the specified form of capital and how it influences social positioning. After the activity, students are assigned a short essay assignment.


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David Diego Delgado 
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Introduction to Sociology/Social Problems 
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Prior to the class period, students will complete relevant readings covering Bourdieu’s theory of reproduction, including the concepts of economic, cultural, social, and symbolic capital. Suggested readings are included below. For approximately the first half of the class period, students will be lectured on these definitions and examples from the...

Learning Goals and Assessments:

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Goal 1:
Define, identify, and apply examples of economic, cultural, social, and symbolic capital.
Assessment 1:
Students will contribute to the list of examples recorded on the chalkboard/whiteboard, providing justifications for their responses.
Goal 2:
Explain how different forms of capital influence one another.
Assessment 2:
Students will complete an assignment in which the create a concept map from examples in the class activity and write a brief 1 to 2-page essay explaining the components of their map.

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