Sociology of Health Care and Health Professions Syllabus


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In response to an increased interest in the intersections between health professions and Sociology, the University of Nebraska - Lincoln developed a health focus that offers an array of courses that examine health and society. This specific course encourages a critical examination of health care policy and the health care system using sociological foundations and could be used across many different institutions for courses that have similar objectives. The readings and activities encourage students to consider how historical and contemporary social factors have shaped the system of health care and how individuals interact with the health care system. This course is particularly well-suited for individuals studying medical sociology and for those in pre-health and public health professions.


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Laura Simon, University of Nebraska - Lincoln 
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Medical Sociology 
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College 300 
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This course was designed to complement a general health, medicine, and society course and a health disparities course that are offered as part of a health focus in the Department of Sociology at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. Due to this, this course provides a unique approach and emphasis...

Learning Goals and Assessments:

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Goal 1:
Demonstrate an understanding of how systems of health care and health professions have changed over time.
Assessment 1:
In Class and Small Group Work: Students are given various types of assignments (e.g., quizzes, video reflections, small group activities) to demonstrate understanding of course material.
Goal 2:
Explain the importance of social influences on the structure of the health care industry, health care policy, and social distribution of health care.
Assessment 2:
Reading Response journals: Students submit journal entries throughout the semester that require them to both summarize and critically evaluate course readings.
Goal 3:
Develop communication skills through in-class group discussion, project presentations, and written assignments.
Assessment 3:
Research paper project: Students develop an independent research project completing steps throughout the semester and present their results to their peers.

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