Online Introduction to Sociology Syllabus


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This syllabus is for an online version of Introduction to Sociology. The course is taught at a community college using You May Ask Yourself (Dalton Conley) and Everyday Sociology (Sternheimer).


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Stephanie Medley-Rath, Indiana University Kokomo 
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Subject Area:
Introduction to Sociology/Social Problems 
Class Level:
College 100 
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Learning Goals and Assessments:

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Goal 1:
Students should leave this course with a basic understanding of the sociological imagination. Students will use the sociological imagination specifically in the Seeing Sociology assignment.
Assessment 1:
Multiple choice exams
Goal 2:
Students will evaluate the ways in which stratification exists within the world. Specifically, students will interpret how factors such as race, class, and gender impact life chances.
Assessment 2:
Individual writing assignments
Goal 3:
Students will examine the relationship between their individual behavior and the social groups to which they belong (i.e., structure and agency). Students will evaluate how stratification systems operate within the social structure to influence agency.
Assessment 3:
Group discussion threads

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