Race and College Admissions


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Affirmative action continues to be a controversial topic in today’s broader society. This assignment explores different educational experiences among racial groups in the US using data and an applied “real world” example – race in college admissions. After the students read the ASA’s Amicus Brief to the US Supreme Court for the “Michigan Law School” case, they write a paper that summarizes the ASA’s argument, then take a rationally argued position of their own either in support or in opposition to race being one of the many life experiences considered in college admission decisions. In addition, if they argue that race should not be a consideration then they must explain how educational inequalities will be overcome. If they argue in favor of race being one of many considerations then they must delineate specifically how race would be considered in admissions decisions. Finally, students engage in double-blind peer grading of their papers.


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Christopher Todd Beer, Lake Forest College 
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Race, Class and Gender 
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Because of its multiple elements the full completion of the assignment takes 8-12 days from the time they receive the assignment until they complete peer grading. The ASA Amicus Brief to the US Supreme Court can be downloaded for free from: Double-blind peer grading requires that they turn in a...

Learning Goals and Assessments:

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Goal 1:
Critical thinking
Assessment 1:
Demonstration of thoughtful engagement with the complexity of the issue.
Goal 2:
Improved writing skills and the ability to summarize others’ writing, and understanding of double-blind peer review.
Assessment 2:
The writing is clear and concise with a thorough review of ASA's argument. Completion of the grading a peer’s paper and received feedback from a peer on their work.
Goal 3:
An understanding of how race continues to matter in the US.
Assessment 3:
Summarized the numerous ways which race mediates the educational experience as detailed by the ASA amicus brief.

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