Social Activism Assignment


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In this paper assignment, students develop their sociological imaginations by exploring the impact of individual, group, and societal level actions in addressing social problems. Students use course concepts and theories to describe a specific social problem, brainstorm various levels of action that could help produce a positive change in that problem, and then actually undertake one of the individual level actions to better understand the impact of individual actions as compared to group or societal level actions.


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Kristin Holster, Dean College 
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Subject Area:
Introduction to Sociology/Social Problems 
Class Level:
College 100 
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Learning Goals and Assessments:

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Goal 1:
To help students develop their ability to analyze social problems on various levels, individual, group, and society.
Assessment 1:
Outside of class, each student engages in an individual social action to produce change related to a social problem. Then, in a short paper, students compare the impact of an individual action to that of a group or societal level action.
Goal 2:
To develop students’ ability to apply the theories and concepts learned throughout the semester to a specific social problem.
Assessment 2:
In a short paper students describe a specific social problem using at least three of the sociological concepts learned in the course. Students must also explain how one of the three main sociological theories can be used to analyze that social problem.

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