The City According to….: The Theory of Urban Sociology.


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This lesson plan covers the major theoretical developments in urban sociology from the late 19th century to the late 20th century. Through this lesson students will learn the following concepts: Gemeinschaft, Geshellschaft, Metropolitan Man, Wirth’s theory of urbanism, Gan’s critique of Wirth, and Fischer’s subcultural theory of urbanism. It includes a written lesson plan (including learning goals, a list of resources, learning sequence, and content outline), a 14 slide PowerPoint presentation, an accompanying PowerPoint guide, a content quiz, as well as a formal written assessment. Although this lesson corresponds with Part 1 of the Urban Sociology Reader (Lin and Mele 2007, pp. 7 - 58), a bibliography is included so that instructors can adapt readings as they chose. Work Cited: Tonnies, Ferdinand, Georg Simmel, Louis Wirth, Herbert Gans, Claude S. Fischer. 2007. “Urbanism and Community.” Pp. 7 – 58 in The Urban Sociology Reader, edited by Jan Lin, and Christopher Mele New York: Routledge.


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Assessment, Assignment, Class Activity, Lecture, PowerPoint 
Mark Philip Killian, University of Cincinnati 
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Urban Sociology 
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College 300 
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Included with the lesson plan are the following: A bibliography, a PowerPoint Presentation, a PowerPoint Presentation guide that includes class activities and discussion prompts, a content outline, and assessments.

Learning Goals and Assessments:

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Goal 1:
Students will know the following concepts: Gemeinschaft, Gesellschaft, The Metropolitan Man, as well as the Compositional, Deterministic, and Subcultural theories of urbanism.
Assessment 1:
Included in the lesson plan are a content quiz and a writing assignment that assess the first goal.
Goal 2:
Students will be able to apply concepts of urban theory to varying views of the urban environment.
Assessment 2:
Included in the lesson plan is a writing assignment that assesses the second goal. Additionally a discussion question is included in the PowerPoint presentation that can be used as either an informal or formal assessment of the second goal.

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