Qualitative Data Analysis Using Microsoft Word 2007


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In courses with only a single semester to cover both qualitative and quantitative data analysis (through multivariate regression), there is little time to teach students the intricacies of qualitative data analysis software. This series of assignments aims to bridge the gap by using the features of Microsoft Word so that students can get a taste of computer-aided qualitative data analysis and them put those skills into practice in a small-scale analysis assignment.


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Assignment, Class Activity 
Mikaila Mariel Lemonik Arthur 
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Research Methods 
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College 400 
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In my data analysis course, we spend 3-4 weeks on qualitative data analysis. Early in the unit, I have students complete an anonymous survey in Blackboard in which they write about 200 words on what they remember from their first day on campus. Throughout the unit on qualitative analysis, I...

Learning Goals and Assessments:

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Goal 1:
To gain skills in qualitative data analysis
Assessment 1:
Students will complete a lab assignment that enables them to develop their skills. This lab assignment is then assessed to determine if students have developed the requisite technical skills.
Goal 2:
To understand how computer technology can assist researchers in analyzing qualitative data
Assessment 2:
Students will complete an independent data analysis project. Results of this project are used to assess student learning of qualitative data analysis.
Goal 3:
To advance skills in using word processing software for advanced applications

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