Technique 20: Emotion Management, Emotion Work, Feeling Rules, Emotional Socialization, Work, Gender


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Teaching Objectives/Student Learning Outcomes: To show students how the social world shapes emotional responses. Everyday beliefs about emotions suggest that they simply arise from biology, individual psychology, or a “core self.” Thus, the guiding question for that day would be: What do emotions tell us sociologically? To demonstrate that emotions also reveal something about a social situation (what Hochschild identifies as the “signal function” of emotions). To promote discussion about how all people manage emotions in interaction, how emotion work can have long-term, “de-sensitizing” consequences, and how managing emotions have different consequences for different people. The instructor can discuss how emotion work is related to social power and is raced, classed, and gendered.


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Class Activity 
Heather Kane, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Matthew Ward
Angela Luvara , Angela Ferrante 
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Teaching and Learning in Sociology 
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College 200 
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