Mexican Immigration


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The course is designed to provide a historical and topical overview of Mexican immigration to the United States. Considering the interrelated contexts of Mexico and the US, readings and class discussions will examine the military, economic, political, and social antecedents to Mexican migration, and the historical impact of the migration process in the US. Readings and videos will discuss the social construction of race, the gendered nature of migration, migrant labor struggles, Chicano-Mexicano relations, US immigration policy, and border life and enforcement. Notions of race, class, gender, and sexuality will be central to our understanding of the complexity at work in the migration process. The course will insist that Mexican immigration is central to US history because of its permanent historical and social imprint on the Americas as well as the current/future demographic impacts that we are witnessing on a national scale.


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David Manuel Hern├índez, University of California - Berkeley 
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Latina/o Sociology 
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College 100 
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