SOC 423 Sociology of Sport


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Course Objectives: While organized sports competition has a history going back to ancient civilizations, the past century has seen a growth in participation and spectator interest that is unprecedented. Sociologists have only recently become interested in the social significance of sports. In this course, we will use the theories and methods of sociology to understand the importance of sports, and sports will be used to enlighten students to the sociological perspective. The objectives of this course are that you will: --learn the history of sports competition; --understand why sports have grown so important in the contemporary world; --be able to apply the various theories of sociology to the study of sport; --recognize the significance of sports play for the socialization of children; --gain insight into the relationship between sport participation and class, race, and religion; --appreciate the importance and consequences of the increasing participation by women and girls in organized sports; --examine and evaluate the tie between sport and education in the U.S.


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Robert W. Duff, University of Portland 
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College 400 
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